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Making A&S

• Breakthrough new use of watercolor animation in feature film.

• First time Julian Glover and his wife, Isla Blair, have been on screen together in 25 years. 

• Director, Adam Lipsius, has been growing his beard since shooting started on March 5th, 2016.  He now looks like a ZZ Top back-up singer, but he vowed not to shave it off til the movie got its premiere.

• The production was reduced to one working light and had to resort to filming almost everything with battery-powered LED bike lights after a veritable flood washed through set on the third night of shooting.

• Sneaking into a national park to film the fantasy sequences, every member of the crew had to nonchalantly walk a large piece of gear past curious park wardens.  When they discovered everyone filming, they had a great laugh about it. 

• This project faced bankruptcies and set-backs every step of the way, but the message and the touching performances provided just enough motivation to see it through to completion.

• The film has been endorsed by tons of groups fighting against child abuse, bullying and sexual violence and is intended to help victims of this abuse heal.